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Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in North Dighton, MA

Many pet owners do not realize this, but a pet’s dental health is one of the most important aspects of their overall physical health. At Dighton Rehoboth Animal Hospital, Inc., we perform oral checks as a part of each pet’s annual physical exam. If it’s determined that your pet’s mouth is in need of a little extra attention, our veterinarians will prescribe a professional dog or cat teeth cleaning.

Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in North Dighton, MAProfessional dog and cat teeth cleanings consist of the same level of care we provide to our surgical patients as our dental patients are also anesthetized for their safety. We examine the oral cavity minutely, looking for any problem areas that may have been missed in the initial dental examination. If abscesses or jaw issues are a concern, we can perform an x-ray of the pet’s head to find answers.

Cat Teeth Cleaning in North Dighton, MAAfter examining the pet’s mouth, we clean and polish the teeth to ensure that the tartar and plaque have been removed and the surfaces are smooth in order to prevent the rapid accumulation of more buildup. If diseased teeth are found, tooth extractions may be performed to eliminate diseased teeth.

In Home Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning

After your pet’s teeth have been cleaned professionally, we recommend some level of ongoing oral health care to protect your pet’s mouth from buildup. Our veterinary team can discuss at-home oral care with you, provide recommendations for products, and educate you on proper at-home teeth cleaning techniques. Contact us today with your pet dental questions!