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Cat and Dog Wellness Exams in North Dighton, MA

Keeping your pet healthy throughout their life is one of the keys to helping them live longer. At Dighton Rehoboth Animal Hospital, Inc., in North Dighton, Ma, we offer our patients care throughout the year. We recommend physical cat and dog wellness exams once a year so, our veterinarians can examine the pet from nose to tail and conduct diagnostics to ensure that any underlying physical health problems are identified promptly and treated in a timely manner. If you would like to learn more please give us a CALL TODAY!

Cat and Dog Wellness Exams in North Dighton, MACat & Dog Vaccines

During your pet’s annual exam, we may also provide preventive care, including administering pet vaccinations, to ensure that your pet is protected from potential illnesses. Our veterinarians will help you choose vaccines that are suited to your pet’s needs and lifestyle. Vaccinations are an extremely important part of ensuring that your pet remains safe and healthy throughout their life!

Dog and Cat Microchipping 

While microchipping your pet doesn’t directly affect their health, it does affect their life with you! We recommend that all pets be microchipped so that they have a permanent form of identification linking them to you in the event of separation. At Dighton Rehoboth Animal Hospital, Inc., we utilize the HomeAgain microchip and we make sure that it’s registered for you, giving you one less thing to worry about.