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At Dighton Rehoboth Animal Hospital, we offer complete diagnostic services for our patients. These services allow us to identify, diagnose, and treat medical conditions quickly and efficiently. Some of the diagnostic services we provide include:

Pet Diagnostics in Dighton: Dog Sits On BedIn-House Laboratory 

Our in-house laboratory allows us to process your pet’s test results quickly and efficiently right in our animal hospital. We are equipped to conduct a number of diagnostic tests, including parasite testing and complete blood work. We often recommend complete blood work for surgical patients, especially those that are seniors or have pre-existing conditions.

Pet Diagnostics in Dighton: Cat Waits for ExamRadiology

We utilize state-of-the-art radiology services, offering digital radiology for our patients. This technology allows us to send digital copies of our X-ray images to specialists who can evaluate your pet’s condition and offer a second opinion.


Our ultrasound technology allows us to visualize the inside of your body in a more detailed way than X-ray technology allows. We use ultrasound primarily to examine the functionality of organs.